Voluntourism – Food that fed my soul

The Idea…

The idea for Hero Holidays started through a journey of self-discovery and soul searching while I was on holiday in Malawi. I happened to be listening to the chatter of some German volunteers who had just finished a long hard shift, in the sun, in Africa. I could hear the elation, the natural high they had gotten from the simple act of giving back. That’s when I thought to myself, how wonderful would it be to offer that kind of unique experience in South Africa?

Being able to give back to the previously disadvantaged people of South Africa, and at the same time showing the world the multitude of diverse-CITIES that is our country, not only does our culture have over 12 official languages, but the history, experiences and sightseeing opportunities is second to none. The oldest human fossils, the largest commercial bungee in the world, the staggering Drakensberg Mountain ranges, coastal roads that stretch 1000’s of KM’s and the wildness that is in the true essence of South Africa, with our Big 5 game reserves.  

The Action…

Being able to offer this once in a lifetime experience, a holiday with a conscience. This is something I am so deeply passionate about, part of my journey was sparked by the death of my beloved son, who fell ill and left us and in some way this is my way of being able to give back to him and have with me in my journey.

Fast Forward 5 years and here we are, having already helped hundreds of children and up skilling hundreds more. Getting our hands dirty, building infrastructure and painting schools to create a path for our youth to learn in a safe space and get the much-needed education they so hunger for.

No looking back…

Over the years, I have had many conversations with volunteers that come and go, I always ask them what they leave with.  What I have noticed, is that everyone leaves our voluntourism programs leave with a massive sense of gratification, at having made a real difference is someone’s life. What may seem like a small contribution to you and I, is a massive contribution in these children’s lives.

This is officially our first blog and I wanted to share a little piece of me with you.

I look forward to many more! 

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